“A Beautiful Hell” Book 1 – The Myths of Hell


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“A Beautiful Hell” Book 1 – The Myths of Hell

Though hell is probably not your everyday dinner topic, it slips itself into many conversations at a moment’s notice, for example, “what the hell,” “go to hell,” “it was hell” – but does anybody really know what it is?

The images that most often pop into our minds when hell is mentioned are a goaty-looking red guy sporting horns and a devilish grin all while poking some sinner with a pitchfork, or perhaps an ocean of fire brimming with the tormented wicked. Is either of these images right? What does the Bible really say about hell? Is hell truly necessary? Is God a thwarted lover who throws people who reject him into hell? Why can’t God just forgive people? How could a loving God throw his creation into torment forever?

In The Myths of Hell, we’re going to chew on some answers for these questions:

  • Where is hell?
  • Who’s in charge of hell?
  • Who’s in charge of death?
  • Isn’t Sheol the Old Testament version of hell?
  • Is it true that Jesus descended to hell?
  • Did Jesus believe in Hades?
  • What evil powers are in Hades?
  • Who’s in hell right now?
  • Where did the idea of hell come from?
  • Is there really going to be a lake of fire?
  • Do bad people go to hell right away when they die?
  • What is the final punishment for the wicked?

“A Beautiful Hell” Trilogy

Book 1: The Myths of Hell
Book 2: The Ache for Paradise
Book 3: Does Hell Really Last Forever?

A Beautiful Hell…perhaps like you’ve never seen it before.

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