“Jak and the Scarlet Thread” ~ Book 1

Jak and the Scarlet Thread series – Making Genesis Come Alive!”

“Jak and the Scarlet Thread” ~ Book 1

Death. It’s the one experience everyone will share…except, perhaps, for 12-year-old Jak Hamelton.

Gramma Josie died in his arms, and he would do anything to bring her back. He finds an old book of hers and is whirled to a particular garden paradise where a treacherous interaction between Man, Woman and a snake usher death and evil into the world. When a mysterious benefactor named El offers Jak the opportunity to bring the dead back to life and live forever, it sounds like an impossible dream. But when Jak’s grandfather unexpectedly begins aging backwards, it appears the dream just might be reality.

However, the weapon Jak’s been given to defeat death and evil doesn’t even work yet, and the serpent Beelz isn’t willing to give up the Earth without a fight. Besides that, there’s the poison…

Is it really true that the dead can live forever? What will it take to restore paradise?

Readers of all ages “can’t put the book down!” Riveting adventure through the #1 best seller of all time – the Bible.

Print length: 471 pages
Print size: 6"x 9"
Hardcover: $24.99
Paperback: $14.99

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