A Beautiful Hell Trilogy

Book 1 – The Myths of Hell

Though hell is probably not your everyday dinner topic, it slips itself into conversation at a moment’s notice, such as, “What the hell,” “go to hell” or “it was hell,” but does anybody really know what hell is?

The images that most often pop into our minds are a goaty-looking red guy sporting horns and a devilish grin all while poking sinners with a pitchfork, or perhaps an ocean of fire brimming with the tormented wicked. Is either of these images right? What does the Bible really say about hell?

The answers to these questions will probably both surprise you and make God’s judgment, mercy and grace more magnificent than ever.

A Beautiful Hell…perhaps like you’ve never seen it before.

Book 2 – The Ache for Paradise

The first book in the A Beautiful Hell trilogy claims hell does not exist yet, Satan does not rule or torment the wicked dead, and God isn’t tormenting anybody anywhere either. Hell is the wrath of God poured out on the wicked in the future.

But what exactly is hell? Is it truly necessary? Is God a thwarted lover, throwing people who reject him into hell? Why can’t God just forgive people? How could a loving God toss his creation into torment? And to make the plot even thicker, how is it possible that the death of one man, Jesus, could do anything to prevent others from going to hell? 

The Ache for Paradise dives deep into the essence of God, deep into the essence of us, and deep into God’s relentless ache to restore paradise. By the end, you will discover a a terrible, breathtaking, fierce and beautiful hell. 

A Beautiful Hell…perhaps like you’ve never seen it before.

Book 3 – Does Hell Really Last Forever? 

Welcome to one of the hottest topics around. This question has splintered people of the Christian faith into several factions and caused an untold amount of mudslinging.

The traditional answer to this question has pulled atheists deeper into rejection of God, and pushed the once-faithful to lose their faith; after all, how could a God of love torture people forever in hell?

Phrases like “unquenchable fire, undying worms, smoke that rises forever, eternal punishment and eternal fire” seem to imply that eternal torment is unavoidable. But is this what the Bible actually teaches?

A Beautiful Hell…perhaps like you’ve never seen it before.

What Readers are saying…

Clears away the smoke

Anderson begins to colour another picture of hell (and heaven) that is much clearer than the one we are familiar with.
[Book #2: The Ache for Paradise]

LP Dion

Biblical, historical and reasonable

Believers will be challenged.
Skeptics will be encouraged.
And everyone in-between will be intrigued.

Matt Lukowitz, pastor

At first, I found Nathan’s ideas to be a bit ‘far-fetched’

but I have to admit that it was my understanding of Hell that was incorrect and his is right down the middle.
[Book #1: The Myths of Hell]

Scott E. Regener,

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