“A Beautiful Hell” Book 3 – Does Hell Really Last Forever?


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“A Beautiful Hell” Book 3 – Does Hell Really Last Forever?

This book was not intended to be written. But after the rough drafts of the first two books in the “A Beautiful Hell” series were finished, it became apparent that it had to be written.

Will sinners really suffer for eternity, tormented forever in hell? Many would say this is the traditional Christian position on hell. Phrases like “unquenchable fire, undying worms, smoke that rises forever, eternal punishment and eternal fire” seem to imply that eternal torment is unavoidable. But when one looks at the big picture from both Old and New Testaments, a different image emerges, especially when God’s presence itself is understood as the Eternal Fire that both delights the righteous and terrifies the wicked.

“A Beautiful Hell” Trilogy

Book 1: The Myths of Hell
Book 2: The Ache for Paradise
Book 3: Does Hell Really Last Forever?

A Beautiful Hell…perhaps like you’ve never seen it before.

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