An Apology to My Fans

I wanted to start this re-kindled web adventure with an apology to you, my fans. You keep asking me “When is the next book coming out???” It has been a L-O-N-G time since I’ve published anything. From 2008-2012 I hosted my radio show Nite Lite five nights a week on WHEM 91.3 FM and posted it on my previous website, published “Jak & the Scarlet Thread” in 2011 and the “A Beautiful Hell” trilogy in 2013-2014.

However, there were things going on in the background that brought this all to a halt.

  • I almost died. I was diagnosed with a slow-growing lymphoma in 2010 that turned aggressive in 2012. In September of 2012 I was told I had 6 months to live unless the chemotherapy worked. This was when I published A Beautiful Hell, because I wasn’t sure how long I had to live, and I wanted to get my thoughts in print. My health is good now, and I am grateful for each day.
  • Our church rotted. I had been on staff at a church from 2004-2009 that ended up being a toxic wasteland. Many families were ruined, much faith was destroyed. It was a terrible experience that finally came to a head in 2015 when, through a series of events, God miraculously and suddenly removed the lead pastor. This experience took a tremendous toll on me, my family and friends. We continue to pray God will grow good things from this manure pile.
  • My job ended. After leaving this church, it took a few years to figure out how I was going to make a living. I did various jobs for a period of time, including teaching at Lakeland University, and then God opened up a door at a local hospital where they have a chaplain-training program. I began two years of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) the same week I started chemotherapy in September 2012, and have been a chaplain ever since. It is a good fit for me; there are many rich moments working with the sick and the dying.

I am finally at a point where I can pursue writing and creating content again. Yay! I have lots of ideas, and here is where I am going to start:

  1. Promotion – Through talking with my brother Noland, I realized I was never able to adequately promote “Jak and the Scarlet Thread.” In order to prepare for the publishing of Book #2, I am going to pursue telling people about Book #1. Getting this website going is part of that process, as is the article I wrote “7 Ways You Might be Poisoning Your Child’s Faith.” I also will pursue being interviewed on podcasts and other blogs.
  2. Publish Book #2 in the “Jak and the Scarlet Thread series”! This has been on my mind a long time. The book is called “The Impossible Son” and covers Genesis chapters 9-50.

    The Story

    Three months after Noah’s flood, Jak is whirled away, this time trapped in a sickening city called Sodom. He finds the next pack of Thread cards, but one of them is stolen by a shifty kid, and Jak can’t find him or the card. Without it, Gramma Josie will never come back to life and neither will anybody else.

    The card seems to be related to a promise Yahweh has given a man named Abram and his wife Sarai, a promise to give them more children than the stars in the sky and to bless the whole world through them. But they’re almost a hundred years old and there is no way this promise could ever come true.

    It doesn’t help when an entire tribe of desert nomads hunts Jak down and demands that he gives them the card he doesn’t have. It also doesn’t help that Yahweh demands a terrible sacrifice from Abram, leaving Jak wondering if Yahweh himself is good or evil.

    Where is the Impossible Son card? And what do the terrible Sons of Israel have to do with bringing the dead back to life?

    The first draft of the book is finished, so now it is time to edit and get the artwork done. Look for “The Impossible Son” in early 2022.
  3. Publish “The Story of Cactus Ranch”. An exciting romp through the Gospel of Mark told cowboy-style, through the eyes of a ranch hand named Cactus Clyde. This story originated as a series I taught as a children’s pastor, then morphed into an audio adventure for my radio show. Aimed at upper elementary kids, but a lot of fun for the whole family. Look for it to be released via Audible, paperback and e-book in 2022.

I’m sorry this has taken so long, and I look forward to continuing conversation and adventure!


Nathan J. Anderson

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Written by : Nathan J. Anderson

I'm an author, husband, father and chaplain. I have worked with thousands of patients and families as they have dealt with death and dying. I have also had my own battle with death when I faced cancer in 2012. All of this has given me a unique perspective on life and life after death. I am a Christian and am passionate about helping people understand God's word and the possibility of living forever in paradise.

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