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Why I write…

I feel like I live on the razor’s edge, one foot in this world and one foot in the next. Many people think about the end of their lives only at funerals, I think about it because I have to… Read more

My collection…

Jak & the Scarlet Thread

Jak and the scarlet thread cover

Death. It’s the one experience everyone will share…except, perhaps, for 12-year-old Jak Hamelton. Gramma Josie died in his arms and he’d do anything to get her back. But is it really true the dead can come back to life?

Readers of all ages “can’t put the book down!” Riveting adventure through the #1 best seller of all time – the Bible.

“A Beautiful Hell” Trilogy

The “A Beautiful Hell” trilogy is dedicated to everyone who has ever wondered how a good God could have created hell.

What exactly is hell? Is it truly necessary? Why can’t God just forgive people? And how could the death of one man, Jesus, do anything to prevent others from going to hell?

“A Beautiful Hell” plunges into God’s relentless ache to restore paradise. Something happened on the cross, something deeper than you know, that leads both good and evil to a terrible, breathtaking, fierce and beautiful hell.

1 – “The Myths of Hell”
2 – “The Ache for Paradise”
3 – “Does Hell Really Last Forever?”

The Case of the Inflatable Brain

When the heads of two students at P.T. Sherman Elementary suddenly inflate to the size of watermelons, it’s up to 5th-grade detective Mac Dylan to solve the riddle. Was it something they ate? A rare disease?

Armed with his green notebook and trustworthy Silver Striker pen, Mac is ready to roll in his debut mystery.

What Readers are saying…

Captures the imagination of young people…

 Nathan has a big heart for God and is a gifted writer and communicator.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]

Nick Diliberto,

Page turner novel that is hard to put down

…must read for all who love adventure novels. Will keep readers waiting on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]


This is a new twist on the familiar story of Genesis

 that makes it come alive. Compelling, engaging, hard to put down.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]

Bird Lover Girl,

Very refreshing and entertaining

In line with the Chronicles of Narnia in many ways. I look forward to the next installment!

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]


Jak and the Scarlet Thread was wonderful!!!

I had it finished in a weekend. It brought Creation, the Fall and the Flood to life. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Hannah, student,

Clears away the smoke

Anderson begins to colour another picture of hell (and heaven) that is much clearer than the one we are familiar with.
[“A Beautiful Hell” #2: The Ache for Paradise]

LP Dion

Biblical, historical and reasonable

Believers will be challenged.
Skeptics will be encouraged.
And everyone in-between will be intrigued.

[“A Beautiful Hell” trilogy]

Matt Lukowitz, pastor

At first, I found Nathan’s ideas to be a bit ‘far-fetched’

but I have to admit that it was my understanding of Hell that was incorrect and his is right down the middle.

[“A Beautiful Hell” #1: The Myths of Hell]

Scott E. Regener,

Like stepping into a fun house

You’ll be caught off balance, surprised, and taken on a thrilling adventure. And beneath it all swells the current of another, even bigger story.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]

Finally a fantasy book I can feel good about my children reading!

Actually causes the reader, kids included, the consider what it was really like when Bible ‘stories’ happened and then go on to deeper understanding. Brilliant.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]

Kristin G., mom

I’ve read a lot of
fantasy books in my life

however Jak & the Scarlet Thread
is by far my favorite book of all.

Non-stop thrill ride

…and the best part is that it dives into the greatest stories of history.

[Jak & the Scarlet Thread]

Terry Cuthbertson, pastor, Hope City Church

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